Of Glasses and Good Matches

-midnight thoughts.

A lot of things in life mirror trajectories of romantic relationships,

just that we do not realise it.


Sometimes I get the yearning to

Change my glasses, the ones I have worn for over 5 years, or even longer than that, not that I recall.

There are cat eye glasses. Then more rounded frames, and different colour frames.

When I get the opportunity I try them them, in one of those indie shops perhaps,

Where it is expected that people who come in will want try on the goods- hats, sunglasses, glasses, rings, dresses before deciding whether to commit to buying.

That is when I realise what I have wanted on and off makes my face

more severe,

more harshly angled than

it really is.

Ultimately, how bad a match those glasses are for me.

And that’s the story of how I’ve come to realise-

even without being ill-fatedly entangled up in knots with boys/ guys/ men

Without getting my heart- my wellspring of life polluted-

That what we’ve had for ages, and the ones we thought were so boring

Are exactly the ones which fit us best,

Complementing us so much lovelier

Than those options which captured our attention so much, for so long.


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