Life on a Rockin’ Boat

I don’t have a medical degree, but over the course of frequent hospital visits these two years I’ve come to realise I have a high probability of being right when it comes to my own body- a whopping 50%. My doctors from ENT have narrowed down my possible diagnoses to either vestibular migraines or Meniere’s disease, the latter of which my bets are on all along. During my inner ear CT review on Thursday my attending doctor prefaced this by saying my results are “INTERESTING”. Apparently my case is unique enough that he had to consult with his senior for about 10 minutes after explaining my case notes to me. When he came back a medical student in scrubs popped out to gawk at me.

I suspect I just made history as a unique learning opportunity for medical students in their residency.

On my next visit my case will be referred to a senior doctor whereby two last tests will be conducted. One is a speech discrimination test, which I am certain I will flunk as my comprehension level is at 0% sometimes when I go hang out in the city areas. I can’t get by without lip reading.

I didn’t use to have vertigo attacks but I’ve just started having them this week Monday. Thankfully I have new anti-vertigo meds to counteract that, and I’m ever thankful for Betaserc. It feels weird to feel like I’m on a rocking boat at sea when I’m actually standing still with my feet slightly splayed out for assured balance, but I think I’ve found a life hack. Focusing on an unmoving object helps a lot, as does not focusing on moving crowds in front of me if dizziness hits me if I’m out in public.

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