A Convenient Marriage

By R. L. Tierney I was born because of someone’s untimely death. My mother’s grandfather had been engaged to a woman that he was madly in love with, but she died from an illness. Alone and in grief, he married his fiancé’s elder sister instead. Their situation was convenient: he prevented her from becoming a…

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Shin.Godzilla Review (Warning: Spoiler alert!)

I’m not a fan of big-monster movies. Never have been. You know how some things in life have the inexplicable draw which beckons you to come forward? Call it some kind of cosmic attraction or whatever, but I sure as hell didn’t get that draw with this movie. After being convinced by friends to join… Continue reading Shin.Godzilla Review (Warning: Spoiler alert!)


As someone who’s done my own time with self harm, this struck me in the heart. By Sara Codair She strokes a shard of blue glass. The raging ocean has worn its edges smooth and frosty. It’s like a frozen gem, reflecting light from the dying sun. Tracing the outlines of strange symbols, she has… Continue reading


Why Women Supporting One Another is so Important / Lost In Translation = Sleazy

An example of a grave direct translation. Picture courtesy of Telegraph, UK.    I’m doing this post for fun. From my statistics, my most frequently viewed posts are the review posts- where I have given my thought on Crimson Peak movie and the Good Friday Art Fair at Tanjong Pajar Railway Station. So I thought… Continue reading Why Women Supporting One Another is so Important / Lost In Translation = Sleazy