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Hello again, my blog followers!

Why I haven’t been active all these months… Its been months since I posted a blog post onto here, and for so long it has been because I haven’t had any subject matters I deemed too important not to post about. For one, I could blog about current affairs, like the slew of sexual allegations… Continue reading Hello again, my blog followers!


Just Looking: Archie Comics and Spot the Puppy

Some finds while I was out 2 days back. Archie Comics has been re-launched as a collection! I discovered that as I was browsing through a book of local paranormal stories at the Popular bookstore. I was an avid fan of the comic series during my tween years, I would buy them until they filled… Continue reading Just Looking: Archie Comics and Spot the Puppy

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A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

I was browsing a novel by Patrick Ness in a bookstore yesterday, and was struck by the poignancy in 2 pages. A stark reminder how thoughts and feelings may just be an illusion and far from truths. Truth and bravery to stand, even when the truth is not a pretty one, is all that’s truly… Continue reading A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness