Bottom of this Black Hole

Right now I’m trying not to freak out like a neurotic Sim while I procrastinate further from rewriting Fae Raoirse flash fiction by typing this post at 23:25pm. I last received an update from my writing group coordinator about my flash fiction last Friday, and only a few hours ago did I start to write…

Good Friday/ The Local People Art Market! (Part 1)

Last Friday, Singapore’s Tanjong Pagar Railway Station opened for the occasion of the public holiday Good Friday, bringing in local wares, food and artsy stuff in the form of The Local People’s art market, embellished with live music and short film screenings. I went there to check everything out as I like niche stuff, one…

Yesterday and Tomorrow are Today

Be prepared to take in a sharp inhale of air as you read the ending.   By Ishmael Soledad My girlfriend couldn’t remember the past, only the future vaguely, save for that close. She suited me. My past? Best forgotten. Her past? Emptiness. I suited her. She grew up sen… Source: Yesterday and Tomorrow are Today

Guest Post: Alan Siebuhr, Having An Opinion Isn’t Enough

Originally posted on Writings By Ender:
   Alan Siebuhr is an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. When he’s not balding early due to frustration and stress, he usually posts pictures of his cat, tweets the occasional snark at @amsiebuhr, and drinks coffee and milk in abundance. When discussing contentious issues, there will always…

A Letter from a Concerned Character

In light of this, I wonder what Game of Thrones characters would write. Deaths that I see in The Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith, which I’m currently reading again, pales mercifully by comparison.   Dear Mr. Smith,   We have noticed, good sir, with cautious trepidation, that you have found–to be fair–a quite awful…

Speaking In Tongues ( A literary song interpretation)

Hey readers! I recently came across Write or Die 2. It’s a writing app where you must type and not stop, or you lose all progress of everything you’ve typed. It’s unmistakably based off timed writing exercises. Sometimes our inner critic gets in the way and it stops us from even picking up the pen….

Six words #2

An ode to my youth subcultural teenagehood. ___________ Side fringes, dark lipstick, combat boots. Familiar acronyms, trends and rock music.  

Six words

Saw some six word metered poetry on WordPress here. Since I can’t sleep yet again (its 4.42am) I thought I’d make my own. ____________ Scrolling the Internet, chancing upon ghosts. I bite my tongue, chasing wounds.

Top 5 sites I visit regularly

Hi to any one who cares enough to read this! The last blog post was pretty dreary in my own opinion, so I’m going to lighten things up with this one! I try to find things to do daily, however when there isn’t compelling books to read or sims 3 drama to live vicariously through; I…