Eye-Opening Hilarity in Free-Writing (Part 1)

Lo and behold, it’s New Year’s eve! I hope everyone has had a great time, one that is spectacular and meaningful. I’ve managed to spend my eve reading the whole day, and ending it with compiling this list related to my musings gleaned from December’s free-write! The following are instances that have kind of opened my eyes… Continue reading Eye-Opening Hilarity in Free-Writing (Part 1)

Fae Raoirse · Writing

Free-write 30/12/15:The Dangerous Pasta

One man’s treasure could be another’s trash. Consequently, one man’s elixir could be another’s poison.   Fleur Raoirse was never formally diagnosed with allergies, but had noticed difficulty breathing and slight rashes after she ate eggs a few months back. Her younger sister Fae wasn’t present to witness the incident as it had happened when… Continue reading Free-write 30/12/15:The Dangerous Pasta


Just Looking: Archie Comics and Spot the Puppy

Some finds while I was out 2 days back. Archie Comics has been re-launched as a collection! I discovered that as I was browsing through a book of local paranormal stories at the Popular bookstore. I was an avid fan of the comic series during my tween years, I would buy them until they filled… Continue reading Just Looking: Archie Comics and Spot the Puppy

Fae Raoirse · Writing

Free-write 29/12/15: Jax the floral badass

“Hey, are you listening? I’m talking!” Fae protested, as her two friends turned their heads in unison, casting their attention into a different direction in the midst of their discussion of project tasks. “Oh, we are, alright,” Cherie said soothingly, her eyes are lighting up at the sight of something somewhere else. No, scratch that, someone else. Wispy blonde… Continue reading Free-write 29/12/15: Jax the floral badass

KevinxMelrose · Writing

Free-write 28/12/15: A Foreign Concept/A Tea Soothes Nerves

The toddler was pushing all the air she held in her tiny lungs out through her tiny vocal chords into a colossal piercing cry. Melrose flinched. It was the best high pitch she had ever heard, surpassing the capability of any opera singers she had seen on film or television. The toddler had her tiny fists… Continue reading Free-write 28/12/15: A Foreign Concept/A Tea Soothes Nerves


Free-write 27/12/15: An Awe-inducing Dagger

The dagger was a work of art. Its handle was made from cherry wood, a gentle red-hued brown, contrasted against the Turkish-forged metal of its blade. No one knew who the original owner was, but the appraiser reckoned it was at least eighty years old. He hoped it was used for purposes of the greater… Continue reading Free-write 27/12/15: An Awe-inducing Dagger