I Need a New Blogging Purpose

Near the start of this year, I made a new year’s resolution to start putting up my own content once weekly. It was all good for about a month until my spurt of creative writing ran out, and life threw unexpected hitches for me to deal with. In a span of six months, I have… Continue reading I Need a New Blogging Purpose


In-Class Quips (Media Culture)

Just a little something I wrote on the fly during my Media Culuture university class last Friday. Greetings, blogosphere. I’m writing this from the environment of my media culture module class. Currently we are discussing the conundrum that women live in. ●We love in a society that is predominantly governed by men (who can name… Continue reading In-Class Quips (Media Culture)

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Grand Mal Seizure Sheds New Insight on Texting and Hieroglyphics

I haven’t been on here for a while as I might’ve liked, perhaps. During the start of May I’ve been convalescing, after being hospitalized in late April for four days due to an out-of-the-blue epileptic seizure, which I haven’t had since I was 13. It was a dark Saturday night after a day of serving as… Continue reading Grand Mal Seizure Sheds New Insight on Texting and Hieroglyphics


The Money Conundrum

These few weeks I’ve been busying mself with writing a script which I’m working with a friend/ creative partner one as well as rewriting the one (named Love, Unresolved) that has already been produced for my school module last year. Which somehow, other people are still excited about watching, if they haven’t known about it.… Continue reading The Money Conundrum


Teen v.s. Young Adult: Growing Up

As we grow older through the years, our relationships with our parents evolve. Thought I’d post my own observations for the hilarity to possibly make the whole world laugh. ____ _ __________ Relationships: When I was 13: Mom: Don’t think about anything, just study hard and do well and graduate well. Me: …… Now: Mom:… Continue reading Teen v.s. Young Adult: Growing Up