Gender Neutral Expression as a 21st Century Counterculture

Today what was covered in Media Culture lecture was the rise of countercultures starting from the 60s, when youths felt alienated or disenfranchised by societal norms.

From what I see now the same thing is happening with gender issues and what I talked about yesterday, gender expression and what it means to me. It could mean that androgyny and gender neutral expression is a counterculture of traditional feminine and masculine norms, which I happen to be one of the participants of, being one of those young women who feel alienated by society’s narrow, polarised feminine constructs.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post Gender and Expression: What Does It Mean For Christians, a proverbial middle finger to feminine  ‘norms’, an act of righteous rebellion of sorts just by dressing alone.

By not dressing in a traditionally feminine way, we women get to choose what we really want to be portrayed as- something more than pretty flowers. We get to dictate what kind of good looking we want to be, never mind others’ thoughts of “You know, you would look better with ____”. In gender neutral expression, what others think don’t matter, you are operating in a way that is unconstrained by society itself, much in the same way as countercultures of the past.

As a Christian I also hold the belief that gender is beyond what society likes to define it today, that gender is about personhood, relationally, physiologically and what not.

It is NOT about how people view things- which admittedly is something I have to unlearn in this season of my life,  having been described as ‘a guy in a girl’s body’ in terms of thought process every now and then by male friends. Social construct aside, men and women DO interact differently, somehow, and that is easily observed from friendships with both women and men.

My university modules is really giving me a lot of fodder to think about and reflect as an individual, and I thank my Lord God Jesus Christ for that.


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