Say It In Photographs: My New Amazon Makeup Organizer; my personal under-rated makeup essentials

Apologies for my spotty posting schedule lately. I’m currently in my final semester of my bachelor’s degree program and things have been busier than ever. Since I’ve been MIA for two weeks, consider this post a comeback of sorts, though I would honestly say this won’t be the last time I’ll be MIA-ing for some reason or another. Thankfully I haven’t monetised this blog yet, or this would be a problem.. This week’s post is one that I have been working on since two weeks back.

A catch-up: Two weeks ago I ordered a makeup organizer from Amazon and I was at the stage where I’m marveling at my existing makeup stash being contained within it.


It’s the honeymoon phase following a purchase. My mom thinks I should have bought a bigger one to house more makeup but I beg to differ; while good in theory it has the grounds for setting up a long term logistical nightmare for me – how to use my plethora of make up before it all goes bad within the next few years.

That’s already happening with my lipsticks (and perfume!) already. I bought quite a few last year to be in status: storage, and I still am waiting for my lipsticks to run out. There’s also an expiry date even if one does not open up the new lipsticks so that’s an issue. The perfumes however, given their chemical nature, have a brighter forecast.

Lesson learnt: do not ever buy makeup to store up. Either buy it now if one desires it or never. There’s so much makeup, especially when it comes to lipsticks, that are high quality and being released even before any of my current ones goes bad. 

Not to mention, makeup technology is evolving so fast and new products are being publicised, hyped about and released every few weeks or so. There’s so much, one will hardly use up any at all if one were to buy a lot.  

This being the time of my life where having found a good place with my own female identity, I am more comfortable than ever experimenting with make up and wearing it on the regular, decorating myself with colour as my personal fancies take me. I have along the way, discovered what works for me and doesn’t, despite the countless suggestions of media articles out there.

Along the way, I discovered my own essentials:


  1. Wonder Fun Park candy highlighter from Etude House:


One of my classmates, who actually works at Etude House, hates this due to the lack of colour payoff. This is a now-discontinued item, I bought this last year when Etude House was having a sale to clear their old stock.  It will be important to note that both of us do not have the same skin tone. She is fairer than I am, while my skin tone is best described as a Fenty Beauty foundation shade 210 Neutral, or ‘peaches and cream’.

This highlighter is more of a light diffuser than anything else, which is why it works perfectly to solve a makeup problem: My Stila 3 in 1 primer, which brings out colour in cosmetics really well, works too well with my Kat Von D alchemist highlight palette.

For example, if I put on the Alchemist highlight shade emerald, I end up with a streak of green on my cheekbones instead of having more light bounce off my face.

While this Etude House highlight may lack in colour payoff, its light diffusing quality works really well as a highlight base: Putting a light layer on before my actual highlight (the Kat Von D one) ensures that the colour is diffused appropriately, and my cheekbones are highlighted really well with just a hint of green.



2. Boujoir Paris Les Nudes eyeshadow palette

This is a purchase I am particularly giddy about, as SGD29 was spent instead of ~SGD40 if I were to buy from a brand within Sephora. Before using this palette, I have always thought mattes look better on me than shimmery makeup. This travel-size palette was a catalyst for my conversion. All these shimmer shadows ended up looking fantastic on my Asian skin tone and making whatever eyeshadow colours I wear more obvious, especially when I am wearing glasses. Currently I tend to use this together with my existing eyeshadow colours, especially those from my Urban Decay palette which tend to be non-existent on my skin tone. Speaking for myself, I am convinced Urban Decay colours are more geared to be worn on white people than on people of colour.




3. Zoeva Aristo eyeshadow palette

I only acquired this this year, so I may be jumping the gun here by declaring this one of my essentials so early. However, that goes to how my personal vote of confidence. The light blue shade surprisingly shows up on my eyelids, in comparison to the brand mentioned in the second last sentence of my last paragraph. I wore the shade Ploutos yesterday and despite the similarity of the colour to my skin tone, I could see the subtle colour from the shadow as well, instead of it just ‘disapppearing’ into my skin.


4. Innisfree sunscreen

This is the most basic of the basic in terms of skincare in tropical Singapore. This time in May, we have blinding sunlight which also warrants the use of sunglasses almost on a daily basis.

Non-greasy and light, this Innisfree sunscreen supplies much needed moisture to my skin and protect my skin from being roasted in the daytime. Although we Asians are well-known for aging gracefully, we pay for that by having a predisposition for skin sensitivity. For me personally, that includes sunlight as well. Another reason to wear sunscreen, another plus for this product for not making my skin react.


All in all, the experience of makeup and skincare can resemble those of expectation v.s reality! What are your own skincare/makeup essentials which grew on you?

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