I’m currently in a Northumbria Mass Communications and PR Bachelor’s Degree, hosted by Kaplan High Education Academy in Singapore.

I’ve written when I was 10- back then my short stories were day to day lives of anthromorphic animals living with humans side by side in another universe. That was before the Internet and bulky computers, writing about them was my version of playing Sims. I ceased writing when I was about 12 when pressure came on to do well in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), making writing about fictional beings seem absurd at that time.

However at 20 I had a involuntary gap year when I applied for public polytechnic but was not given a place in my desired course, leaving me free to work and explore my own interests, which is also when I started this blog. If hobbies were sentient people, writing is the childhood sweetheart I once outgrew, then reconnected with as a young adult.

I appreciate good coffee, tea, and interesting cocktails and a refreshing mojito. As a writer, I value stories with substantial plot lines and twists which go beyond usual tropes. As a reader I additionally appreciate humour and poignancy in the material I read. I appreciate a wide range of books and it would be sacrilegious to narrow them down to specific genres. I read even children’s books such as the Amber Brown series and books by David Walliams, to the extent. (Both series always makes me cry by the way.)


**  **

Here, I give my own commentary on culture and arts, as well as any other topics I deem significant enough to cover. Since my blog is partly about the arts, reviews of books and films also exist. Note: one tends to find niche films and books reviewed here, as I am usually not attracted to films, books and music of mainstream appeal. I also write my own short fiction series, under the Fae Raoirse and KevinxMelrose series.

I’ve also recently started a new photography series called Say It In Photographs, which are mainly musings of my own life and perspective based on a picture I take.

Now that you’ve read to this point, go have fun perusing this site.  🙂



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