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Free-write 30/12/15:The Dangerous Pasta

One man’s treasure could be another’s trash. Consequently, one man’s elixir could be another’s poison.   Fleur Raoirse was never formally diagnosed with allergies, but had noticed difficulty breathing and slight rashes after she ate eggs a few months back. Her younger sister Fae wasn’t present to witness the incident as it had happened when… Continue reading Free-write 30/12/15:The Dangerous Pasta

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Free-write 29/12/15: Jax the floral badass

“Hey, are you listening? I’m talking!” Fae protested, as her two friends turned their heads in unison, casting their attention into a different direction in the midst of their discussion of project tasks. “Oh, we are, alright,” Cherie said soothingly, her eyes are lighting up at the sight of something somewhere else. No, scratch that, someone else. Wispy blonde… Continue reading Free-write 29/12/15: Jax the floral badass

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Free-write 26/12/15 : Fruity Mirror

Fae gazed around the salon. She had been here before, yet she felt like a fish out of water, despite society normally expecting her kind to hang around such places of high calibre for a sumptuous tea anyway. At this time of day, the scene was a mish-mash of jeweled drop earings, meticulously gelled and… Continue reading Free-write 26/12/15 : Fruity Mirror

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Free-write: 20/12/15 Funky Opera

  Note: So I just looked up the definition of the word ‘funky’ and realised its meaning had been watered down into slang meanings through the times. To even out this statistic I’m going to go by the official, non-slang definition. funky ˈfʌŋki/Submit adjectiveinformal 1. (of music) having or using a strong dance rhythm, in… Continue reading Free-write: 20/12/15 Funky Opera

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Free-write: 18/12/15 Iridescent cotton candy

The sensory cacaphony of buttery popcorn, barbecue sauce, hotdog buns and excited chatter and laughter all filled the atmosphere. Fae made her way through the thick crowds, trying to look over people’s heads in a bid to locate her sister. Fleur had told her to wait for her by the rollercoasters after she was done with… Continue reading Free-write: 18/12/15 Iridescent cotton candy

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Free-write: 17/12/15 Common Short hair

Fae worked at her long blonde hair, working her fingers through the strands, detangling each strand meticulously. The sun shone through the clouds, giving as much life as it possibly could by the law of physics onto Fae’s pale French face. In the majority of cases, a young blonde girl by the beach with the sun… Continue reading Free-write: 17/12/15 Common Short hair

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Fae Raoirse: Uppity I Am Not

Note: Another gone off the rails free write that had morphed into its own person. First started on December 12th. This is how the character Fae Raoirse and her high society family first came about. Yes, it is the same Fae that first appeared in December 12th’s free write. 🙂 “Snob!” ” You’d be nothing… Continue reading Fae Raoirse: Uppity I Am Not