Just Looking: Archie Comics and Spot the Puppy

Some finds while I was out 2 days back.

Archie Comics has been re-launched as a collection! I discovered that as I was browsing through a book of local paranormal stories at the Popular bookstore.


I was an avid fan of the comic series during my tween years, I would buy them until they filled an entire shelf on my bookshelf then. In real life, having two girlfriends would spell calamity, but Archie has managed that quite well through the countless series.. It is an unpleasant situation no self-respecting girl wants to be in but I guess what makes these comics so popular were the relatable themes of school tales, dating situations of all kinds and friendship shown through the entire troupe of Archie’s, not just the three main characters themselves. Betty and Veronica may be at bitter ends over Archie, but they never cease to appreciate each other despite their different socio-economic status and differing nature of what they appreciate in life. I remember Moose as the burly yet slightly dumb jock who gets jealous whenever any guy tries a move on his girlfriend Midge. He seems to get into altercations with the arrogant Reggie quite often..

Also, it would be impossible to forget Fortheseye “Jughead” Jones, whose true love is food and has a insatiable appetite for any good food. As well as “Hotdog”, his large white canine companion. I’ve forgotten whether Hotdog shares his master’s love of food.

When I was younger and wrote random stories about animals for my own pleasure, there was a teenaged budgie with three girlfriends in one of the many generational lineages I had created.. A nod to the Archie series indeed.

Picture courtesy of Photobucket.

My other and main intention for stepping out from the house was to go to the library to look for any Stephen King titles after I read a book summary of The Black House by blogger World of Horror I follow here on WordPress but I arrived there too late as the library was closing and there was a staff stationed there at the entrance, telling anyone who wanted to come in (namely, me) that it was so.

PS: I went there again earlier today but there were no Stephen King books available from what I can see anyway.

On a note of nostalgia, I found this display outside the library!


This is one of the many stories about anthropomorphic animals I had read eons ago as a very young kid. There are many others like it in the Spot series. Animals are a very good channel through which to impart values onto impressionable children who still require guiding during their growth process as hopefully well-rounded adults with good ethics and values down the future. Because most of them like animals, I guess.

And that’s the end of my throwback blog post!

Signing off, TTYL,have a good day or night wherever in the world you are!


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