Are Writing Contests Valuable?

Last Sunday, I attended the awards ceremony for Vermont’s Scholastic Art & Writing Contest at the Brattleboro Art and Museum Center. The art and writing on display was fantastic; no wonder The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are considered “the most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7 – 12.” These kids have… Continue reading Are Writing Contests Valuable?


The Cat Which Talked To Me

  Not in English like the Cat in the Hat talked to the two scared kids. There was once a black cat I passed by during daylight hours. I’m not going to be infering to the old wives’ tale about cats passing you and the omen behind it-  my encounter wasn’t very significant but still very… Continue reading The Cat Which Talked To Me

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Making A Short Film #throwback

We students in the Diploma in Mass Communications had to make a student film last December so that we could graduate, under the educational guise of our Contemporary Short Video Production. It meant we had to select a group member’s script to produce, do storyboarding, plan camera angles, do the casting and everything in between.… Continue reading Making A Short Film #throwback


I Can’t Remember When Was The Last Time I Posted

This is because I had been studying in my Diploma in Mass Communication last year from May on. Apparently I write when I’m bored or when I’m selectively introverted. It’s not that I’m not writing at all though. I’ve 14 drafts in my WordPress which I refuse to publish for varying reasons. One is too… Continue reading I Can’t Remember When Was The Last Time I Posted

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Shin.Godzilla Review (Warning: Spoiler alert!)

I’m not a fan of big-monster movies. Never have been. You know how some things in life have the inexplicable draw which beckons you to come forward? Call it some kind of cosmic attraction or whatever, but I sure as hell didn’t get that draw with this movie. After being convinced by friends to join… Continue reading Shin.Godzilla Review (Warning: Spoiler alert!)