Blogging about mental health is just not worth it anymore.

I’m losing my sense of hearing and processing spoken language in crowded, noisy /echoy environments, an accessory to my recently acquired hyperacusis,  in the latest gamut of symptoms since the start of my PTSD two years ago.

Since being criticised for blogging about my mental health, I’ve gone away from WordPress entirely and come to realise it is in fact, an ineffectual tool for the kind of advocacy I want to work in. The majority of mental health blogs come from the US and not from my own country, making it a consistent echo chamber of similar thoughts and beliefs without much discourse. And while blogging about my own experiences about mental healthcare and the experience of PTSD has got me in touch with others facing similar social challenges, it has not, for me, given me a much wider view of mental health in society or in my own country.

Fortunately though, in the time I have been away, I have managed to link myself up to a volunteer organisation at my local psychiatric hospital. I have got to know my other fellow volunteers, many who are psychology students and several who were at some point like me, receiving treatment. It is a breath of fresh air, to be on the ground making a difference, even small ones, in the lives of the numerous long stay residents there. My volunteer work is also currently paving  the way for the kind of mental health advocacy I’ve planned all along, but for now, I’m not giving any details until things have already materialised.

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