Say It In Photographs: Fashion Comedy

I wore slippers to the city this week, then went house visiting for the Lunar New Year in them.

Conventionally, the latter may be seen as a social faux pas. It is the norm for everyone to dress up well during the New Year, with New Year sales signalling its the season ripe for making your world your own personal Project Runway as you go out and about in your new clothes.

Dressing to the nines can get stale for a while. Not to mention that fashion in general can get a little confusingly ridiculous, with the popularity of items such as designer transparent jelly bags or very recently, the ‘no pants’ trend. Fashion has always been ridiculous and non-practical at times, so its probably wise and better for the common people to take fashion designers’ advice to ‘not take fashion so seriously.’

One ridiculous fashion trend I have dabbled in is the slides-shoes which resemble pool slippers and come in an array of styles, from having a simple  thick plastic strap across the sole to the ones with fur on them. Honestly, the fur ones resemble complimentary hotel slippers to me, but I cannot deny that while they look nonsensical in a way, they are also COMFORTABLE AF. With no multiple straps criss-crossing your feet, the risk of shoe chaffing is pretty much eliminated and one can walk comfortably around the city for an unlimited number of hours.

So on a day when I decided I wanted to check out Chanel’s newly released Bleu de Chanel in the city, I matched my outfit with my pair of furry slides which I got from a sale at Rubi. The outfit I wore was a blue stripped crop top and a blue vintage-y A-line skirt, which I bought secondhand ( eco-friendly and poor university graduate here). The outfit set-up was formal, which I intended to induce cognitive dissonance when people were to look at my feet. All of me is formal and says “I’m going to have a good time shopping” while from the ankle down, it says “I can’t be bothered and I just got out from a hotel room.” This combination elicited some good hearted laughs from people around me.

Fashion can also be comedy, guys.


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