Musings from a historic submit and about anti-vaxxing

Just a on-the-fly update to prove I am not dead. Kidding, a dark joke.

I am on the run to finish one of my essays so that I can devote the rest of my week to my other, more difficult,public relations essay. Studying PR is not easy really. I’ve heard word from my program manager that the part-time, working adults are scoring higher than us, and I can reckon one factor is probably they have a lot more to lose if they fail, hence a heightened sense of urgency, plus, real life experience from work anyway, so they can see better how theories can fit into the real-life, dynamic environment.

My country has been chosen to host the now-famous Trump-Kim summit, and news on Twitter are abuzz. I actually woke up at 7am (Singapore time)to watch the live broadcast of the lead-up to the summit today and things were quite honestly surreal. Never in the history has an American president shook hands with a North Korean ruler but that picture’s all out on news corporations’ stories for all to see now.

In other news, the google search term of ‘Where is Singapore located’ has spiked in the lead-up to the submit, specifically from American states where the minority voted Trump in as President. Based on intel from Facebook comments, I unfortunately got to know that there are still people who think Singapore is part of China… *heaves a big sigh*. “Not everybody is as well-travelled as they think they are,” another netizen muses. Personally I’m just disappointed. Despite Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan’s theorizing of a global village through the merits of technological communication and inter-connectivity, technology doesn’t solve ignorance completely. When referring to ignorance, I don’t mean the geographical location of Singapore, but of many things in general, such as the stance of anti-vaxxing…

On the topic of anti-vaxxing, let me digress a little. Just as our dear bloke McLuhan has pointed out the merits of technological connectivity, technological connectivity has also sourced half of my blogs’s readership from the United States, so I am definitely going on a limb here to potentially offend readers, as anything said is offensive these days and even wearing something from another ethnic culture such as a qibao is considered a surefire sign of mockery and appropriation simply because the wearer happens to be white.

Anti-vaxxing has come up in a major way again which everyone would probably forget about in one month’s time, as Kat Von D has publicly raised her own support for anti-vaxxing on her Instagram. The flak came quick and fast of course, and within three days the news made its way to 9Gag, kind of our contemporary center for pop culture in this age.. In my own mind that development is kind of significant. Not everything that happens with celebrities make its way up there after all. Its more a place for Kermit The Frog memes and forever alone jokes.

Sometimes when these kinds of public hysteria happens overseas and I happen to read it because of Facebook, it always strikes me how things that happen in the US just don’t happen here in Asia. One factor culminating in the difference is likely the culture. While the States has a distrust of the police and pharmaceuticals, we (Singapore) generally do trust those of our own country. When our police carry guns, we tend to feel safe.

Rather, it is specific hospitals we and close ones have had bad experiences in that we don’t trust. With social media, bad experiences in those hospitals travel fast these days. In past days, our Singaporean mode of feedback was to write into our Member of Parliament(MP) to give feedback. That was actually suggested to me when I had my series of bad experiences with TTSH, but I chose to put a Google Maps review instead. MPs get written to all the time about major problems such as those living in poverty, it would be a close-to-none chance of getting a letter regarding a hospital complaint looked into. Plus, Maps is a lot more useful. Everyone looks up Maps reviews these days. Frankly, the purpose of Maps reviews is to learn through others’ good decisions and mistakes. We definitely know to verify information as well. If one is suspicious of healthcare agencies and organizations in one’s own country, one can always cross-check with those from another country….

Aside from what’s happening in the news and the Trump-Kim summit which has been publicly viewed as successful in the sense about 75% of the news coverage is positive, there’s nothing much going in my life except for chasing deadlines. It’s been this way these two years, plus my savage health issues which gained me half of my current following the past four months.


Just a picture from yesterday when I was on my way for my public relations lecture. Writing assignments can feel like grabbing at straws when you don’t know how things are going to fit together, plus the trepidation from impending make-or-break deadlines. I still have nightmares occasionally these days, though seeing shadows has reduced dramatically. Fortunately, I have discovered a local artisanal coffee subscription  service. Coffee used to make me edgy and nervous but now that I’m older, I am actually relying on it to have laser-like focus. Its spectacular.

Great coffee is a instant cure when one wakes sleep deprived after a realer-than-real nightmare and sleeping again will be much more tiring than being sleep-deprived.

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