Restore factory settings

When Term 4 of my university rolled around, I vowed to get as much work done as I can knowing that with my mental health my days of productivity are limited. That has unfortunately not come to fruition as my energy levels are shot and I am inexplicably tired these days (bye regular strength training). It’s about a week before I have to hand in a 3k word essay and I’m currently at a word count of 1.1k with 4/15 references. Yesterday I found out that my concentration gets better at night so here I am, writing a quick one before I get to reading multiple research journals and articles on passive audience theories such as agenda setting, framing and priming and active audience theories such as Stuart Hall’s reception theory and Uses and Gratifications. I always get major writing block when I still have lots of time, however suspiciously I’ve noticed a trend for the past couple terms that I am apt to get sudden brainwaves to how to write when I am one week away from due dates.

It’s not any consolation though I was so reminded kindly by my lifegroup that God tends to show up for us at the most crucial moments. Makes sense I suppose, if it was otherwise we would think we ‘achieved all that’ by our own.

Right now my home WIFI is unexplainably down and so is the printer connection. Likely both related. And I still need the printer especially for my advertising module. I have to print out my work in colour…. Thinking of just doing that by drawing and colouring now. Both crucial things are breaking down when I need them most. It’s like secondary school all over again, when I did not have a functional computer to do my F & N coursework for my major exams. Frustration with a lot of tears. Currently though my laptop is thankfully reliable although the cursor pad is spoilt and so is the DVD drive, and I have to rely on a USB-connected mouse which loses its connection at times. I was steaming with anger about the WIFI problem at 3am yesterday however I’m way over it today. Improvising with my phone’s personal hotspot and mobile data. My certificate is more important than my mobile data exceeding for now.

Photoshop is a major headache and though I have practiced a bit with photos my best female friend sent me even the most basic of work is giving countless headlocks and dead ends. I don’t think learning Photoshop for my work is feasible even my time limit. Thankfully we are just going to be assessed for our concept and not the art.

I’ve also realised it seems depression makes a Britney Spears-worthy comeback especially in times of stress like this, although I had a five day respite sometime half past last week. Something to talk about when I do get around to going down to the polyclinic to see their hopefully more competent medical staff and in-house psychologist. Right now, I have no mind to do that though my mirtazapine is running low.

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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    The joy of wifi it always goes down when you need it most!

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    1. wheremabelgo says:

      It is shitty, especially when school or work projects are involved!

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