Music I’ve Grown to Love as a Young Adult

  1. Dreamcar

I didn’t like this immediately at first, but this one grew from the second listen on. I discovered AFI’s Miss Murder only last year and that was when I i turn discovered Davey Havok’s other bands Blaqk Audio (which I love) and Dreamcar.

2. The Colour Morale

I did hear of this band when I was in my hardcore/hard rock/ subcultural days as a teen, but only got into their more recent music of late. Instrumental overload doesn’t excite me as much now, but I find their rock instrumentals well-balanced with their poignant lyrics. “Sometimes it’s good to build up walls, not to keep anyone out But to see who cares enough to knock them down”. 

3. Sonic Boom Six

Their genre falls under ska punk, incidentally a pet peeve of Dremcar’s frontman Davey Havok. I’ve forgotten how I stumbled across this band on Youtube, but it was one of those rare love at first listens. There aren’t many musicians who take on social commentary these days. Also since the advent of my medicated depression I’ve been hanging in beauty stores way too much and heard too much bubblegum pop calling for one’s lover to pull one closer in the backseat of the rover and singing about half of one’s heart in Havana because a fling brought one to East Atlanta. Hence Sonic Boom Six was particularly refreshing, in the meaningful way I adored since my teen years. You can take the kid of  the punk but you can’t take the punk of the kid.

4. Fleurie

Music which has an ethereal quality seems to be in vogue these days along with pastels with today’s teens. Back in my day, it was strong colours and equally strong moods such as those by the emo/punk subculture community. In Singapore, I was still seeing fellow alternatives/emos/punks/rockers even in 2010. Occasionally of course, there weren’t many like me which did cause a flicker of recognition to pass through between me and similarly dressed strangers when we did run briefly into each other in public.

I surprised myself about last year on when I realised I could actually embrace  what this current generation Z is about. It was also the time when I went from abhorring GIFs to actually marveling at the effectiveness of expression of GIFs and marveling “Wow, they really think of everything”.

Most recently, I discovered dreamwave thanks to Bandcamp. Also another generational development I actually appreciate.

5. No Devotion

Saved this for the last.

I love it when remaining members of a once grandly graced brand rise from the ashes of a badly tainted image of their former band due to their former frontman’s crimes and reinvent themselves into something refreshing. If anyone is aware of what I am talking about, you are probably a fellow alternative/rocker in your 20s too and beyond. Comment if you know 😉

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