In-Class Quips (Media Culture)

Just a little something I wrote on the fly during my Media Culuture university class last Friday.

Greetings, blogosphere. I’m writing this from the environment of my media culture module class.

Currently we are discussing the conundrum that women live in.

●We love in a society that is predominantly governed by men (who can name a female prime minister?) and we are expected to be traditionally feminine yet are expected to be feminists, fighting for social change in many various aspects; such as media representation, social and political equality, et al.

●Where’s there’s push for social change, there is always a pushback. If, for example, a woman wants to live in a liberated way and go to a pub and drink ‘like men do’ men who are not feminists and hence, don’t respect her can very well see her as ‘a piece of meat on offer’. (Lecturer’s words)

Even in pushes of social change, there are contradictions.

●Media is MEDIA-ted as everything is second hand information, we are not at the scene ourselves, when there’s a news report of an accident occuring on the expressway.

Hence, there’s a limit on how much of the whole truth we get, as there are aspects of an issue we may not get to see, due to gatekeeping by reporters, editors etc, who gets to decide what’s newsworthy, or not. Personally I think this is especially true in terms of political issues.

Here’s a conclusion that the sphere of media is always in a state of war.

Good gracious, this class is hard.😳


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