Grand Mal Seizure Sheds New Insight on Texting and Hieroglyphics

I haven’t been on here for a while as I might’ve liked, perhaps. During the start of May I’ve been convalescing, after being hospitalized in late April for four days due to an out-of-the-blue epileptic seizure, which I haven’t had since I was 13.

It was a dark Saturday night after a day of serving as security personnel at my church and I was walking back to Nicholl Highway MRT with my fellow ministry member when I reportedly collapsed at the bridge and fell sideways, hitting my head on the concrete in the process.

It was an unexpected grand mal. Even when I was a kid, I only had non-threatening, petit mal seizures, which meant the abnormal electrical discharges in my brain made me ‘space out’ to an unsuspecting observer.

The unexpected grand mal seizure got me a head injury and experiencing some form of amnesia as well, including temporarily losing the ability to read and write.If I wasn’t in a weird confused state I might’ve panicked about that; what with me having writing as one of my talents.


It also made me realise, through my temporal disability to process meaning out of alphabets and words, how absurd it is nowadays that we would be prefer to text over calling in our tech-infused digital world.

In the first 12 hours, what apparently happened was I had went to my Whatsapp to perhaps try to regain my memories, and I had somehow sent messages to my mother, my lifegroup community, as well as my security ministry group chat. While I only remembered flashes of what happened after my seizures, I do recall being absolutely out of my element when my phone keyboard came up.

I was looking at shapes. The thing about those shapes; alphabets was, I knew if I stacked them from left to right I would have built a sequence that would mean something, but if I chose the wrong shape it might just alter the meaning of my sequence completely. If I pressed the long keyboard bar at the bottom it’d put a space between my stackable shapes, which would mean I would be building another new sequence. Two sequences with a space in between will turn collectively mean something together, instead of by themselves.

Pretty sure prediction was of not much help to me then, all the texts I sent were all full of spelling errors showed that. Through my experience I got to understand how tedious writing really is, possibly to a non-native English communicator as well. After I’ve recovered from the temporal illiteracy I was mindblown by the truth that people would rather text than speak to each other.

As an illustration, if I said “I am good at English” but mentally my words were “I aime gude ad Englich” people will still understand what I’m saying because of the same pronunciations. However if I ever put that down into text people would be forgiven for thinking I suddenly attained the ability to write in French or German after my head injury.

The whole experience made me realise that as far as head injury and amnesia are concerned I have walked out really lucky and healthy, walking out with high pitch noise sensitivity as the only real side effect. I lost about three weeks’ worth of memory, which resulted in a patchy memory. I remembered most people, but forgot an unfortunate few, so those people technically had to reintroduce themselves to me in a more detailed manner than the rest when they came to visit me in hospital. I also seemingly lost track of the day and date. I dealt with temporal visual overload as well.

When I got home and found a pamphlet for my church’s Easter service, I realise that I could recall the documentary being shown during the service while having no recollection of ever going for the service at all. That one, needlessly to say, was quite unnerving.  

For the first few days after I could read and write again, I found large chunks of text overwhelming. I was really happy when I realised I could speed-read while web window shopping on Sephora’s site.

By now, it’s the end of May and I’ve recovered from all this, as you can see from my literacy in creating this blog post.

I haven’t had the opportunity or ideas to make good on my 2017 resolution of creating new content weekly on this site but I’m definitely not pushing myself forcibly in a creative sense anyhow, although I did add a few somethings to one of the scripts I created.  Admittedly, I spent quite some time dwelling in my sims 3 universe, although I am not playing the game right now.

Currently, in preparation for my upcoming church conference, I’m fasting on social media usage on my phone. God has put it in my heart that I’ve made my yearning for satisfying, fulfilling human connections as my idol, which is the root reason why I listen to music, play sims 3 and on my phone so much. Thrilled to say, it’s working out really well for me. I’ve somehow switched to reading more physical books, having more focus to do so and that benefit has spread over to me doing devotions and studying God’s words as well as prayer.

These coming weeks will be busier for me as I am also starting my degree program soon, in about 2-3 days. So updates here may be somewhat lacking and sporadic! Until then, next time! 🙂


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