Teen v.s. Young Adult: Growing Up

As we grow older through the years, our relationships with our parents evolve. Thought I’d post my own observations for the hilarity to possibly make the whole world laugh.

____ _ __________


When I was 13:

Mom: Don’t think about anything, just study hard and do well and graduate well.

Me: ……


Mom: This one not bad, can be friends. Can consider.

Me: Eh I haven’t study finish yet leh! Isn’t this talk too soon??

_____ _ _________

Accompanying to places:

When I was 13:

Mom: I’l take leave off and bring you to…


Me: I’ll bring you to QB House to get your haircut lah, where I cut my hair.

Mom: No need, like weird leh, its me who needs to cut.

Me: I heard that roles get reversed as the child and parent gets older..

Mom: I can go myself.

______ _ _________

To give context to the above scenario, my mom and I usually get our hair stuff dealt with at our usual hair salon. However due to my personal frugality, I become so not okay with dropping the usual amount of SGD at our usual salon that I took a risk on my own hair and got my own hair cut at QB House for the first time.

It turned out great and I mentioned it to my mom, who is seemingly terrified of cutting her hair elsewhere because of an incident years ago where she got her hair cut somewhere else (not QB House) and she was unhappy about the fact that the hairdresser didn’t understand what she wanted.

Feel free to comment on your own personal experiences of changing dynamics with you and your own parents, like or even share if you want to, though you don’t need to. >shrugs<






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  1. Roles Do reverse! When I was 13, my mother bugged my head to take my vitamins. Now I keep asking her if she took her diabetes medicine.


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