Are Writing Contests Valuable?

Last Sunday, I attended the awards ceremony for Vermont’s Scholastic Art & Writing Contest at the Brattleboro Art and Museum Center. The art and writing on display was fantastic; no wonder The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are considered “the most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7 – 12.” These kids have talent! […]

via Are Writing Contests Valuable? — Live to Write – Write to Live


Well written blog post. Wrote in to try my luck at two local writing contests some time back, this post touched on some points which resonated with me.

“Artistic expression is not a horse race; it’s neither limited nor competitive. And while the Scholastic Awards are meant to acknowledge excellence and encourage youthful talent, I fear that the way in which we do so will backfire, on both the developing artists and writers and on the very essence of artistic expression, which creates its own rules, shows us a new way of seeing, and tells its own story.”

^Echoes more than what I personally feel and think in a nutshell.


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