The Cat Which Talked To Me


Not in English like the Cat in the Hat talked to the two scared kids.

There was once a black cat I passed by during daylight hours. I’m not going to be infering to the old wives’ tale about cats passing you and the omen behind it-  my encounter wasn’t very significant but still very odd.

Obviously, the cat was minding its own business, sniffing the plants along the pavement, checking its path for scent marks of possible residential cats when I walked onto the same pavement as it was. This meant that we were on the same narrow pavement, going into opposite directions, towards each other.

As I was walking to the point where I was directly facing the cat at close range, the cat looked up at me. Usually cats looking at people are no big deal, though I would say there’s truth to the adage ‘eyes are windows to the soul’.

The eyes of both feline and human can often be so expressive that I can tell what one is thinking, whether is it a cat looking at a human with a ‘Dafuq you do this’ expression when a stranger goes up to pet the cat or a human faking confidence to look put-together within the company of new friends.

I’ve analyzed a lot of people’s eyes as well as cats over the years, the former because the world and people by extension are complex and no one is what they make themselves seem to be, the latter because they can’t speak our human language to communicate their feelings and desires. I’ve seen many kinds of light in eyes in general. Some look very life-weary while some seemingly see right through you, and one man’s eyes I once encountered had seemingly a soul-sucking look about it which chilled me to my bone. (Note: I never want to encounter the same in anyone’s eyes ever again.)

Also due to some of my unsavoury life experiences, I have my gut instinct honed very sharply over the years, which saves and helps me a lot and by now, I’ve learnt that I automatically won’t open up to anyone if my gut instinct deems it not so safe too, and I’ve also learnt the hard way that I shouldn’t beat myself up for something I didn’t share to any particular persons. With my gut instinct, I’ve also discovered I can detect if anyone is walking behind me with 80-90% accuracy, even if I’m listening to music with headphones on.

When the cat looked me in the eye, my gut instinct wanted me to walk to the other side of the street and not have to pass the cat. The cat had the soul-seeing light in its eyes but there was something unnerving about it that unsettled me. So there was, weighing many times more than the cat and much much taller, yet a cat sparked the desire within me to just avoid it. So I went around it with some trepidation. The following happened in a few seconds.

Just as I was going around the cat, the cat meowed at me.By now the cat was behind me so I turned around to meow back, and the cat turned its head back; still continuing in its own direction, and had the last meow.

It didn’t register how surreal the situation was until a few seconds later. The cat had conversed to me in cat like we were neighbours and it was out to buy chicken at the local grocer and we had happened to run into each other at a apartment lobby.

Also, that it was a cat I was conversing with, not a human.

Thirdly, I had no idea what I was saying in cat. But since the cat meowed back in a friendly tone, I deduced I didn’t unintentionally insult it.

This still baffles me to this day and I’m pretty sure this incident occurred last year.

On hindsight, I just think that what unnerved me about the cat on first sight was that perhaps its eyes looked too human.


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