Making A Short Film #throwback

We students in the Diploma in Mass Communications had to make a student film last December so that we could graduate, under the educational guise of our Contemporary Short Video Production. It meant we had to select a group member’s script to produce, do storyboarding, plan camera angles, do the casting and everything in between.

In my group’s instance my script was the one which was picked to be produced. It’s been 2 months since we submitted it to our lecturers where we had a class film premiere and individual team presentation, but I’m still left thinking about it. I have had a lot to process, as I inadvertently became one of the main leads, besides being also the scriptwriter and executive producer as the actor backed out last minute.

  1. 3 roles is too much for even a strong person if it were a full-length film.
  2. I’d love to produce more of my own creations in future but I’ll definitely be looking for a creative partner to halve the load (esp if I ever had to undertake 3 roles).
  3. A creative partnership in a parallel sense is co-parenting to raise your film baby. I just thought about this one when I was returning home.

It seems everyone had more or less positive memories of the filmmaking process, while I went from being proud of my own script to prefering that to the film itself and then now having a intense hatred for the film due to the circumstances surrounding how I became a reluctant actress ( I had greater concerns than whether I was comfortable in the role).  In a nutshell I had no choice but to become the lead role anyway. One can’t think about whether one is comfortable when graduation and your team depends on the film being made.

And I’m still bitching about that whole no-other-choice situation to anyone who would listen. I don’t mind taking up the role. In retrospect I just wish I had a choice, which I didn’t.

Prayerfully the next time I ever go into production I won’t have the same kind of circumstance. Turns out

4. Doing something because you wanted to v.s you had no choice is immensely different.

I learnt that now. Or is it last year.




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