I Can’t Remember When Was The Last Time I Posted

This is because I had been studying in my Diploma in Mass Communication last year from May on. Apparently I write when I’m bored or when I’m selectively introverted. It’s not that I’m not writing at all though. I’ve 14 drafts in my WordPress which I refuse to publish for varying reasons.

One is too personal and close to home that I don’t feel ready to, like that one draft which is kind of linked to the subject of a certain Saudi Arabian diplomat who has since been charged with sexual assault of a female hotel intern in my country Singapore, and linking my own personal experiences with outrage of modesty in Singapore and supposedly gives insight to what a victim learns when trauma is trivialized by people around him/her. Nope, posting that is too soon for me. I’ll probably post when I get to finishing it and strong enough to deal with criticism from anonymous netizens. (Side note, its the same country, but from the reports it seems the 20 year old intern was lucky to have people who believed in the trauma she suffered than I did at 17+. )

The other 13 drafts  might be short stories from my Fae Raoirse or Kevin & Melrose story universes, I’ve forgotten what all those drafts are about.

I’m completed all my diploma semesters in December last year, just applied for my degree course which is to commence in June and in the meantime simply just staying home. Self imposed isolation is great when there’s so many entertaining Buzzfeed fluff to read, Assasin Creed’s novels to read and interesting Netflix films to watch.

Honestly today’s also the 4th time in 2 months I’ve gone to the doctor for recurrent UTI and yeast infection/flare up because of UTI antibiotics. I’m pretty sure I’m subsidizing one month’s worth of grocery for a family of three with the Singapore Dollars I’ve spent on healthcare. I really need to lay low on spending any more money when I go out right now.

All these months are probably a treasure trove of stories and abstract-ness to tell. Perhaps it’s time for me to explore different ways I could do to approach blogging. I figure now’s a time no better.


Wheremabelgo (To the doctor’s apparently. For today.)





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