To Yesterday’s Friend, Can we Try Again? —

As a 21 year old woman, this hits home as I realise some friendships I treasure right now may not be forever due to being at different points in life at different times. Uncertainty with people is something I’m currently in the process of getting used to as I make decisions about which friendships I choose to keep.

I realise that people relationships- regardless of whether rhey are romantic or platonic, regardless of which gender the other party is, follows the same timeline of having a honeymoon period where after real friendship dynamics start to show at least 4 months into it.

In my own view, at 21 I have low tolerance for people drama and would choose to keep those friendships where there is authenticity and life-sharing, over the superficial surface level ones.

In the age of uncertainty, loyalty and people who have your best interests at heart count for a lot. Or, as per the way I think about things in my slightly-military mindset: friendship allegiance.

We meet and our hearts leap at the prospect of a new and exciting friendship. We mark our calendars with important dates (e.g., Girls Night Out). We plan outings with the kids at family-friendly coffee shops and neighborhood parks as well as talk on the phone daily. Shoot, we even friend eachother on Facebook (which, […]

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