We Are Not Soulmates

That Shameless Hussy

I was slogging thru some old emails today, and I found one I sent to myself, a while ago, listing all the things I liked the most about my husband.  I don’t remember what circumstance drove me to do something so silly, but it served what I believe to be it’s intended purpose – it reminded me.

Sometimes you get so fixated on what you don’t have, or what you think you are missing, that you can’t see anything else.

Sometimes it is the forest that makes you miss the trees.

Among the highlights of this list: “He appreciates good shoes.” “He knows a little bit about everything.” “He would never deliberately hurt me, or his family.”

Historically, I have been fascinated by those who make selfish, thoughtless, impulsive, destructive choices…usually forgetting, until it’s too late, that those same character traits eventually affect me.  (Not that I am an innocent bystander – I have wreaked…

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