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Even the sweet peppermint and frothy eggnog of winter couldn’t wash away Derek’s bitter fall. It was disappointing the moment it started with frequent below-freezing temperatures and a massive snowstorm. Derek despised snow; the way it impeded everyone’s life reminded him of nature’s cold indifference.

   Derek took a walk around the block of his apartment. He was smiling again, slightly but still. Christmas might not have ditched the fall that went down bitter and coarse like Turkish coffee, but the memories associated with them temporarily vanished in the holiday cheer. He walked along a sidewalk that ran parallel to the city park that he usually relaxed. Today he wanted to walk past it. He nodded his head to agree with his resolution but stopped abruptly. Derek heard the distant echo from fall embodied by the sound of a trombone. He forced himself to listen but straining made him taste…

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