One Man’s Solitary Sin

Writings By Ender

  David J. Wilson, a middle-aged secretary of a Southern Californian insurance company, slowly typed the agenda for his boss’ following day. His fingers — because of both his ailments and frigid climate caused by the air conditioning — creaked at each pressing of a key which created minute pain. Due to atrophy in the joints of his wrist, Mr. Wilson, as his coworkers called him, wore braces to support his weakening hands but even with the added support, they trembled. The cold made it worse. But in his years of working at Desert Trust Insurance he had not complained about the icy wind that came from the ceiling above his desk. In the midst of the desert heat, it was the sole convenience that motivated workers to come to work. Desert Trust Insurance ran their A/C all hours of the day effectively creating weather that was twenty degrees cooler than…

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