Just A Thought After Watching Another Guillermo del Toro film

In between studying for quizzes and doing assignments now that I’m back schooling, I came across a showing of Guillermo De Toro’s horror film Mama some time back. Guillermo is also one of the guys behind Crimson Peak, and it didm’t escape my notice that the black moth symbolim continued in Mama. Or the other way round, since Mama came out before Crimson Peak.

Honestly both films had the black moths and black spectral ghosts thing going on. And the fact that both had touching human aspects embedded within all the horror that otherwise could’ve gotten down as merely a overused theme.

I’m not one for horror movies- I’m on edge too much as it is just anticipating a cliched jump-scare. While I bounced my eyes off the TV during certain parts, I managed to catch the final scenes where Mama takes the girls to the cliffs and preps to renact her jump.

Guillermo has a way of making people feel for the supposedly ‘bad’ character, I would say.

The Mama film made me wonder if a film about a nurturing paternal spectre would sell. I would watch that. Instead of having a female figure haunt people, the film could potray a male figure haunting people as he tries to protect the rest of his family who are still living. Perhaps his still-living wife could be walking into an unsavoury business contract in which the associate’s intents are seemingly shady. Or his teenage daughter could be moving her boyfriend into the house and certain weird things happen around the boy and throughout the house. Themes like that would be timely, given that a hot seat debate around gender roles and sexism surrounding both male and female sexes are on-going in the West.

Guillermo could be a part of a film where measures to  protect loved ones and paternal love could be explored. Casts awareness of men’s nurturing potential, whatever that might be.

Just my 2 cents.


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