Top 5 sites I visit regularly

Hi to any one who cares enough to read this! The last blog post was pretty dreary in my own opinion, so I’m going to lighten things up with this one! I try to find things to do daily, however when there isn’t compelling books to read or sims 3 drama to live vicariously through; I resort to the Internet. I read more online than anything else, actually.

Here are the top 5 websites I visit!

1. Buzzfeed

I go on Buzzfeed whenever I want to get informed on happenings around the world, when I want to laugh and when I just want a light-hearted go at the many quizzes.

An article that I’ve read recently and am intrigued by is the report on the Dublin gangland shooting at Regency hotel during a boxing match weigh-in and its political consequences.

Funnily enough I happened to be in Malaysia during Chinese New Year, reading the article at midnight while firecrackers were going off outside. The firecrackers resembled the sounds of guns going off and windowpanes literally rattled. Fitting sound effect indeed.

I found myself looking for information regarding the case after reading the article and kind of following the case… I wasn’t good at combined humanities in secondary school (got a D7 for my GCE O Levels) but supposedly ‘heavy’ topics do interest me on a personal level.

I  shared the case to quite a few friends I met up with after following the case a bit. It catches my interest that journalists were at the weigh in because they knew there would be gang affliates present. It verifies the saying that being a journalist is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world but then again that sounds like something I might do. I am, to a certain degree, somewhat attracted to danger.

Buzzfeed is also chockful of brillant recipes I’ll probably never utilise because I’m unwilling to risk my allowance on food supplies I may only use once or twice. Like the bottle of Vodka I once bought for a alcohol-infused peppermint pie, which is now festering away as a mint-infused vodka mix (that lost its minty flavour really fast)in the storeroom. I’m pretty sure its rancid now, but I just don’t want to part with $49, although it’s unusable. That’s heartbreak right there, so it makes trying out new recipes a sore spot.

2. Youtube

Before I discovered the world of Youtubers, I mainly use the site to listen to music and go onto the Weird Side of Youtube in the early morning hours (like weird alien pregnancy movie scenes). I wonder what the latter says about me as a person, but most would’ve probably been there once anyway.

The Weird Side of Youtube isn’t really that weird to me anymore, and I follow some Youtubers on a fairly regular basis now. It all started with Danisnotonfire  (Dan Howell) and AmazingPhil (Phil Lester) and now I’m also watching Joey Graceffa and Shane Dawson. These are probably my main follows.

3. 9gag

I went on 9gag so much I decided to uninstall the app for good. Mostly I look at food here when I’m hungry at rhe the most inopportune times. Say, 2am when great food shops are closed.

9gag is always a splendid path to attain food emvy for stuff that I want to eat but can’t make on my own or find in my area, like mac and cheese, risotto and extraordinary desserts in far flung places such as Sweden.

4. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

I’ve had this nonprofit humour website bookmarked on my phone for about a year now. It is a site from San Francisco? and they have stuff in the form of lists, letters, as well as personal accounts and satirical articles. The serious layout of rhe site adds to the humour of the site, they designed it to look like newspaper columns, but the humour they have is so original and heart-hitting that I always come to it every now and then. You can find things like some of Jesse Eisenberg’s literary work here as well as Letters To Entities Who Are Unlikely to Respond.

Also because these days, when I read anything on the Internet, I just wish to want to laugh.

5. Instagram

Things that pop up on my feed:

-Anna Sui makeup


-lives of various persons I’m not close to


-phandom fan accounts

-Christian living accounts

-Elevation Church pastoral/worship members’ accounts

-Ruby Rose

-book-related accounts

‘Nuff said.

That’s it for now! Everyone has their favourite sites and these are my top 5! PS: Where’s the phandom at? Let’s unite for the sake of lions and llamas! 

Have a good day or night,wherever in the world you are!😁


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