I love you in real life but I hate you in Instagram!

Behind the Saudi Veil

social media apps

All of a sudden, one of my good friends has recently unfollowed me in Instagramand Twitter. I was in total disbelief as there was not even the slightest indicator of any fight.

I kept looking for any logical reason. Anything that will explain. I couldn’t find any. We have been friends for over 4 years and we both know each other very well. So what happened?

“Look I know you are slightly disappointed, but let me explain” she started,

“Me unfollowing you has nothing to do with you. At all. It has everything to do with me.

The more snaps and posts I read for you, the narrower my knowledge of the “real” you, becomes.”


“The more we communicate through those social media apps, the less I feel the need to meet in life. Even a phone conversation has become rare. We have become more comfortable texting.”

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