How do Saudis get married?

Behind the Saudi Veil

“You could do better”

That was what my sister kept repeating to me before I say “I do” to who is now my husband.

I never listened to her. I thought she was jealous of me.

“You are going to regret your decision a big time!” She continues her warning session,

“You are illegible to give any advice about marriage. You are an unhappy wife and a miserable mom. How could you teach anyone to be happy when you’re stuck in a sad pathetic relationship” I fired back after I lost control over my nerves.

She did not reply. She only looked at me with tearful eyes and broken smile, then whispered to herself:” that’s why I’m good in marriage counseling. I have experienced it all.”

My sister married a man she did not choose for herself. It was family arranged as in the case of most Saudi marriages.


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