KevinxMelrose character development/ Just me talking like an elderly Sim

Holy shit, readers! It’s been ONE month since I last wrote any shorts about Fae Raoirse or Kevin and Melrose!

I should probably write another in the near future, either series.

I’ve been working on character drafts for the fictional married couple this week. A back story kind of thing, for Kevin and Melrose.

Most times when I write I’m like ‘Heh’ about the whole thing, it’s been 10 years since the time I would happily sit down and stay there for hours writing in longhand with pen and a notebook, creating fictional worlds out from my head.

I did manage to do the same thing these past 2 days but for a shorter amount of time intermitently, filling up eight pages for a scene that is viewed through both their eyes, individually. It’s a scene where Melrose’s grandmother is ailing and Melrose has Kevin come over to the hospital right after his day job, during the time period where Melrose is close to college graduation and they just started to date. It helps me to get inside both of their individual minds while still producing something that can also be used as a standalone short story or part of a spin-off character series instead of just a set-up thing for the full-length literary something that I’m actually working on and planning for them. Aka my original story idea.

I don’t think those who like the KevinxMelrose series may neccessarily find the original full-length something appealing, it’s going to be very subjective to literary tastes of every individual.

Still making short stories and scenes around my characters does help me to get to know their worlds better. It expands every aspect of their world, psyche and life, to a degree where I can explore what else I can take from there to add to what I want to write about in my full-length literary something.

I kind of just realised why writers are motivated enough to keep on writing even though publication and literary success is never guaranteed. The more I write about Kevin & Melrose (despite the fact that most times I don’t want to write) the more I surprise myself with what transpires from the writing pages. I’m starting to see a pattern with Kevin- he seems to have a tendency to say some poignant one-liners every now and then. Melrose is seemingly a little more chatty- things written from her perspective spans a page longer than her spouse’s.

At this point I’m not sure anymore if I’m the one writing or they’re autonomously writing themselves like how my sims who always have Free Will mode turned on get married or engaged by themselves in-game.

Definitely interesting, and sorry not sorry if this post about my own characters bore anyone, I’m doing the same thing as elderly sims who Boast about their grandchildren to other Sims in-game.

In both cases nobody cares except for the ones doing the boasting/sharing and perhaps some very close friends.


I think I might be falling sick. My throat’s getting dry despite me drinking honey water and I think I might be developing a cough.

For those who are staying in countries where the Zika virus has been announced, do your best to avoid mosquito bites (speaking of which I had some last week) and try not to get knocked up! Not my own words, health authorities are encouraging women to put off pregnancy plans.

Signing off, TTYL! Til the next post, have a good day or night wherever in the world you are!

(It’s currently 00:07 where I am.)


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