Deconstructing White Chicks hilarity /White Chicks Through The Eyes of a Now-20 Year Old

One bloody sun rise on the weekend again

Six a.m, none a second late

With a headache does Melrose on the bed lay

while Kevin calmly makes his morning joe.

Well, that just came out. I haven’t written poetry for a long time but that just came to me and I had to write that. Anyway, this post is not about my own characters, but a timeless movie called White Chicks. While writing this blog post, I went to Wikipedia and found out that the movie although hilarious, has mostly negative reviews. But then again that’s probably why the movie is successful, cult enough to be immortalized into memes ten years on. Either that or I just discovered White Chicks memes pretty late. Flash fact: it earned 113.1 million worldwide against their budget of 37 million, which I feel is pretty impressive.

I loved White Chicks the movie as a kid. I was eight when the movie came out. On Monday evening my mom recorded a showing of it on cable TV and we sat down to watch it at 10pm.

As a kid, the things that got my attention was the comedy of it- the fact that two African American men were disguising themselves as white females in the name of solving a high profile police case. Also the fact that one of them got into a dating situation in his female guise with an obnoxious guy after being auctioned off for a date by ill-intended rivals of the real Wilson sisters, which devolved into a series of the man-as-chick-in-disguise eating a lot in an exaggeratedly uncouth manner and farting to put the date off.

As I sat to watch the movie again, this time as a 20 year old, I realised that the film was more than just slapstick detective comedy. In between humour, I found relevant themes and ideas brought up and even parody.

Much issue has been taken up in articles and magazines, legitimately, over guys cat-calling women and making sexual comments in the street, especially in Western countries. This is exactly what happens when the Copeland brothers step out in  their white girl drag. It almost makes them blow their cover, as the men got angry enough to call them out with their undisguised voices. If anything had gone any further their cover would’ve gone bust.

Though I have personally experienced some disrespect- as I can afford to nicely term it, where I come from we’re lucky not to get cat-called like the piece of meat some boys think women are most times when women go out in short shorts or a skirt. However from the news and articles I’ve seen that originates from the West, most people in the world aren’t that lucky. Harassment could be an everyday event and maybe even stalking more than a one-off experience (I live in Singapore, reports aside I wouldn’t know). It’s great that filmmakers brought this issue up in a comedy film. It’s one unique way to engage with the issue with a lighter air while still giving voice to it. After all, it is not making fun if it is true.

The Copeland brothers in Wilson sisters-guise then went to go women clothes shopping with the Wilsons’ three best friends. One of them, Marcus gets squeezed into clothes sized too small which ultimately burst (moral of the story: Find the right one for you instead of trying to be the right one for something!). Meanwhile Kevin ends up running around looking for clothes for one of the friends (Lisa- I checked this out), who break down in the changing room because she thinks she doesn’t look as good as she wished to in mall clothes. On any insecurity-fueled day, some might break down in changing rooms, but Lisa’s reaction was a parody (at least I think it is!). Either that or Lisa is body dysmorhpic in some sense. To most eyes she probably looks great. By the look Kevin Copeland-in-Wilson-guise has before she turns around, he/she definitely think so too. Eventually stuck in a emotionally charged situation, “Let me go, I’ll see if there’s any help out there, professional help! You need professional help! Hang on!” As a 20 year old watching this movie scene, ‘professional help’ takes on another meaning.

One thing that really impressed me- now as a 20 year old about this cult movie is that one of the Copelands in Wilson guise brought up the treatment of women during the date auction at the Vandergeld charity event. I sure as hell didn’t notice that when I was eight, because I won’t know the context of it and significance for sure. “Can you imagine that they’re actually auctioning off women?” “Yeah, but it’s for a good cause,” the reporter Denise says, “Besides it can be good being wined and dined…” I don’t know what you readers think of it but I feel it is a pretty balanced view of the whole feminism thing. I don’t know if people would be equally receptive in real life if a date with a man were auctioned, but I do agree on the other hand, as a woman, it does feel good enjoying luxury on a one-off date with a rich guy. Not that I’ve been on one nor am I an undercover Vandergeld in real life, I’m just commenting on the prospect of it.

Anyway, that’s the parodox of feminism or current Internet feminazism in this current age. We may not like it when these things happen- such as time with a woman being auctioned, it seems backward somehow but we do want to be treated with value. It’s just that in Denise’s case she just likes being wined and dined. In real life though for the majority of us women doesn’t need to be a wine and dine thing like in this film but it could always be something else. Everyone wants to be valued one way or another.

The scene of Terry Crews’ character Latrell singing A Thousand Miles is epic-ally priceless. In the movie Latrell is a African American man who prefers white girls but damn, his way of carrying himself during the date is downright sexual harassment. White meat is healthier on the body and it has a smaller carbon footprint than red meat as people say, but does Latrell have to stick his tongue out to show how he could sexually satisfy his date while slurping on the aphrodiasic of an oyster? The Wilson-guised Copeland brothers are thrown in a lot of gender role reversal situations, and the fact that Latrell is unknowingly pulling off his stunts on a man in disguise just highlights how ridiculous his own actions are.

Satisfactorily, he gets his comeuppance when he wakes up in bed with Russ, after being tricked to drink the drink he spiked and intended for Marcus/Tiffany.

This is just my take of the cult movie White Chicks, and a very big thanks if you’ve actually read everything to this point! I’ve offically busted my own record for the longest blog post I’ve ever written in one day!

While I was typing out this one hell of a long blog post (had this drafted for nearly a week) I discovered thanks to the Web that either the Wilson sisters or the Vandergelds were actually parody of the real-life Hilton sisters. I wonder which aspect they were specifically parodying, or if they’re just parodying the aesthetics such as the chihuahua and the blonde hair.

Give yourself a mac and cheese as a reward or something, if you’ve been reading without scrolling through!

My own mac and cheese from a cafe visit weeks back.




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