How to be Funny if You’re Not–Part I

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  1. Nice post! I’d struggle to write dramatic scenes, but have time resort to books and techniques while many writers are able to appeal to reader emotions effortlessly. each writer has different takents.


    1. wheremabelgo says:

      Me too, I’m stuck on my own story idea of late. My own problem: I don’t usually read thrillers. -.-“


      1. Haha, yeah I have a difficult time getting through many best sellers myself. It seems only the greatest writers have the ability to engage us readers throughout the course of a full length novel, regardless of its length.


      2. wheremabelgo says:

        You’ve published books?


      3. Indepently published. I’m looking to move into screenwriting/film making. It’s so hard to find people willing to read books from unknown authors! On top of that, the process of attaining a traditional publisher is painstaking.


  2. Wow this is why I don’t comment with my cellphone. *I struggle with dramatic scenes, and subsequently have to resort to books and techniques. Many writers are able to appeal to the emotions of readers effortlessly. Each writer has different talents.


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