Sims 3 Got Too Real

When I was 13, I used to go over to my best friend’s house and watch her kill her Sims with fire. I eventually got the whole Sims collection myself, which I played by myself within the comfort of my own home. There were magical quests to go on, families to live vicariously through, to compensate for all the negative social environment I was in at school. I created all sorts of family types with the game. A woman with a daughter living in a big house, a couple of which the husband is a politician, etc. (Thank God the game wasn’t autosave, or the latter family would’ve become a single politician father household. )

Even though The Sims games are reportedly boring after a while, I’ve realised that even with the motions of going through life, no family is ever the same, and different outcomes and drama have resulted from the same life’s motions. 3 years ago, I bought the Sims 3 base game along with 3 expansions.

Some bits of the game got too real.

  1. Get attention from Mom /Dad

This Sim wish is supposed to be mundane. Part of childhood. It is  brought to another level when it appears when a parent is already dead or it is a love child and the mom/dad is not involved in the child’s life.

Before my computer data got wholly wiped out because of viruses, I was playing the game with the Night Life expansion enabled. For those who do not play the game, this means only Sims who have a certain celebrity level can talk to celebrity Sims. I invited Logan’s father over so that they may spend some time together. Alas, because the child wasn’t famous, father Julius would only talk to his other woman Daisy Chantilly and refused to talk to his son and Logan’s yearning for dad-and-me time went unanswered.

Even though its virtual reality, seeing all this play out in front of me actually hurt. On a side note, Logan got really successful in life. He went to boarding school, then got a military career, married young- never divorced and became a fantastic father who always wanted to spend time with his kids. Even in Sims 3, there’s a inspiring story where your personal life disadvantages may very well become your own strength.

2. Dynamics in romantic involvements

Some just want to hang out doing whatever, some see the Sims they’re with and they think of woo-hooing. The latter is a blatant reflection of relationships people have in real life because they want to woohoo.

I’ve seen wholesome dynamics in the Sims 3 though, even in marriages. Once there was a couple who desired to hug each other amorously and spend time doing platonic stuff on a daily basis rather than making out and getting some.

3. Can’t sleep with spouse in the same bed because you don’t know him/her well enough.

This is an odd thing and perhaps some may think this is a glitch, but I see this as harsh realism as sleeping in separate beds is what some spouses may come to do in reality when marital relations are distant.

From my clocked in Sims 3 game time last week, the same went for gift accepting and hand holding. It can be heart-twisting to see this in action especially if you’ve played the Sims couple long enough to see them flourish maritally. Which brings me to my next point:

4. Wife doesn’t want to hold hands with husband when in the throes of a extramarital woohoo affair

Sometimes I thrive on the drama that I can create in-game. In my foulest of moods I can break good families apart and drag them through the mud with illicit affairs and resultant illegitimate children.

Sometimes though I don’t get them to cheat unless the wish to do so comes up on their wish panel on its own accord. Think of it as me allowing them to act on illicit desires.

Last week Melrose the sim went beyond friendship with her coworker and best friend Christopher Steel. They have since ended things and returned to good friends again (I made Melrose do so) but when their affair had reached woohooing point there was once Kevin the husband (Sim) autonomously held hands with her and she immediately pulled back.


Sometimes when physical affection is withdrawn it is a indicator that the heart has gone off elsewhere some time ago.

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Update: The Sims Kevin & Melrose are still married, with two new children. Their oldest child Gabrielle is a child now and though Melrose did send her packing to arts boarding school it seems Kevin got her back because I saw Gabrielle at the sand pit at Central Park when I was playing & controlling a different family, the van Luthernes at that point.

Roles in the family has changed. Kevin who used to be the sole breadwinner as a infectious disease researcher is now an unemployed stay-at-home dad taking care of toddler Garrett, which also leaves him more time to write and cash in on book royalties. Through the van Luthernes I found out Melrose has autonomously gotten a job as a kitchen scullion in the culinary field. She’s not the sort who wants to stay home all day apparently.

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Most fascinating Sims 3 game ever. Maybe soon I’ll slide to the point of no return and start writing stories in the perspective of my Sims like so many players. What happens in-game to the Kevin & Melrose Sims can be potential fodder for my actual story idea though. Something an online friend brought up.

It’s high time I get off the laptop and start preparing to go for the Polytechnic Open House now. I need to get all the information on courses I can get.

Signing off, TTYL! Have a good day or night wherever you are!


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  1. casinoyoda says:

    I used to watch my niece play Sims all the time. They rock


    1. wheremabelgo says:

      Cool! Have you seen the Sims do anything that surprised you? 😄


  2. casinoyoda says:

    I have to say they are improving every time and the people who developed this game definitely have some strong imagination. I was not so much surprised, as fascinated

    Liked by 1 person

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