Free-write 30/12/15:The Dangerous Pasta

20151230_235734-1.jpgOne man’s treasure could be another’s trash.

Consequently, one man’s elixir could be another’s poison.


Fleur Raoirse was never formally diagnosed with allergies, but had noticed difficulty breathing and slight rashes after she ate eggs a few months back. Her younger sister Fae wasn’t present to witness the incident as it had happened when Fleur was out with some friends- but whatever it was it must’ve been pretty bad as from then on, she had deemed it dangerous for herself to consume any egg products. But since egg was in almost everything it meant a lot of things was currently off limits, even egg fettucine or the newest salted egg yolk pasta Fae wanted to try with her.


Time flies fast! Tomorrow will be the last day of December. For tomorrow, instead of a random short story, I’m going to blog about all that had happened in the midst of me writing random short stories during December’s free-write challenge and whatnot; instead of writing another on-the-spur short. I’m getting bored of the same old (which is why today’s prompt writing is so short)but honestly, the truth is I’ve drawn up all my available prompt words from my container. XD 

It’s been really interesting this month as I write more than I’ve ever written, felt clueless in whatever little I thought was doing and all that little amazing discoveries I’ve gleaned from blogging on a daily basis. It’s fascinating and strange at the same time how I got my first followers from starting this free-write challenge, as well as my first 5 likes on ONE single post. In a nutshell, I have this to thank for my current 20+ followers. Hence to honour and pay tribute to this free-write challenge, I’ll be dedicating an entire blog post about this whole free-write I’ve done for the past three weeks or so! I’ll do my best to make it interesting, fingers crossed, no guarantees.

Signing off, TTYL, til tomorrow! Have a good day or night, wherever in the world you are!



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