Free-write 29/12/15: Jax the floral badass

Couldn’t find a relevant picture to my short story, so here’s a picture of the prominent movie about high school popularity. Mean Girls was such a teenage memory.
Prompt words for today!

“Hey, are you listening? I’m talking!” Fae protested, as her two friends turned their heads in unison, casting their attention into a different direction in the midst of their discussion of project tasks.

“Oh, we are, alright,” Cherie said soothingly, her eyes are lighting up at the sight of something somewhere else. No, scratch that, someone else.

Wispy blonde hair swaying with his graceful movement, a pair of blonde loafers stepped into the school hallway, his heels dug on the linoleum, clicking at rhythmic intervals, purposeful as though it was his life calling to command people’s attention with his sole presence. His pale eyes scanned the hallway, clearly looking for someone.

“It is who I think it is, is it?” Blonde girl with bubble gum lipgloss said. Cherie, Fae reminded herself. She had met the girl during their cast rehearsals prior to their co-op opera Christmas performance and had spoken to her several times since then, but it seemed the memory of her signature bubblegum lipgloss had impressed her memory more than her name did.

“No way.” Fae’s friend, Mark had a twinge of envy in his voice, yet it spoke of discreet masculine admiration. “How the hell does he have the time to sculpt a body like that yet have time for football practice, music rehearsals and homework?”

“Hmm, double or triple threat, ain’t he?”

“Not sure whether I’d like to be him, or with.”

“Tell me about it, Mark. I heard he’s popular with the girls in his orchestra and the cheerleading squad. Mostly ignores them, though.”

“Not like the rest of the popular crowd, eh?”

“What’s his name?” If Fae was annoyed over the lack of control she had that her friends weren’t listening, perhaps it might help her emotionally somewhat to know who was so important that one might choose to ignore an important conversation.

“Jax,” Cherie turned to Fae for a moment, before returning to gawk. The guy was now hanging with a small crowd of three other guys dressed similarly in varsity jackets across the hall where the seniors congregated, fist bumping one another and laughing raucously at something one of them said.

“I kind of had a crush on him since my freshman year,” Cherie paused to reapply her lipgloss which always smelt strongly of bubblegum. She swiped the bright pink over the curves of her lips which had slid off after her protein-packed, low fat breakfast. She held her lipgloss up.

“Want some?”

“No thanks, I’m good,” Fae said politely. “Brights really aren’t my thing.” She clutched her books tighter within her palms.

Cherie placed her lipgloss back into her locker and shut it. Leaning against it, she leaned a foot against it and sighed dreamily in Jax’s direction, twirling a blonde lock between her fingers. She motioned towards Jax.

“Honestly, that guy over there? I bet he could wear his mother’s floral perfume by mistake and girls would still pine to be able to date him.”

“But why?”

“He’s a tough nut to crack, I suppose. You know the cliche about people wanting what they can’t have? Must’ve been part of his appeal. If he has had any girlfriends or dates, nobody knows. He laughs and talks, yet doesn’t give much about himself away. He’s badass like that.”


Chick lit isn’t my cup of tea when it comes to books, but it looks like I’m tightrope-walking on that very thin line of teen fiction and chick it in this one.

My attempt at description through dialogue here. Constructive feedback is much appreciated. 

Two more free-writes to go for the December challenge!! I’m happy that I committed to write on a daily basis. I had a great time mostly although there were blocks here and there and a few I had no idea why it garnered so many likes. All in all, a lot of thoughts about this whole thing, which I’ll cover in a future post!

Signing off, TTYL! Have a a good day or night, wherever in the world you are!




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