Free-write 26/12/15 : Fruity Mirror

TWG tea salon and boutique.

2015-12-26 15.55.29-1

Fae gazed around the salon. She had been here before, yet she felt like a fish out of water, despite society normally expecting her kind to hang around such places of high calibre for a sumptuous tea anyway.

At this time of day, the scene was a mish-mash of jeweled drop earings, meticulously gelled and styled hair, Jimmy Choos, suits and glamorous dresses, worn by the same kind of people Fae and her sister Fleur often mingled with whenever their family was invited to formal events. It had been an unseasonably warm day, a few women were even sipping on iced teas as they checked their faces with miniature adorned compact mirrors for any sign of smudging.

It was her cast mates’ idea to come here after their rehearsal, after Fae herself had offhandedly commented that she had come here before. Judging by their responses to the luxurious decor around them, they didn’t step into these places often.

So here she was, sitting at a table which was covered with table linens and a cake stand filled with some pastries and colourful macaroons in flavours she didn’t quite know how to pronounce, nor had tried prior to this visit with her cast mates.

Usually, Fae visited this tea salon with her family, or by herself, whenever she felt the need for solitude. Before today, she had never stepped into the tea salon with any schoolmates, as she did not want them to think she was worlds apart from them, someone unrelatable.

When she first transferred into her new school, she had quickly learnt that although her family’s new money and social standing could buy her all the designer goods that pleased her to own, it couldn’t buy her social status or solid friendship in school. The first group of friends she made had gradually stopped talking to her around the time Fae took up classes in classical music. They didn’t go out of their way to be hostile to her and still maintained friendly interaction with her whenever school required them to, but in the context of hanging out during breaks and after school, they never included her in their activities anymore.

They never told her why.

Following that incident, Fae learnt to not disclose much of what she did in her own life to her school peers, unless they happened to be activities also commonly available to those who were in the middle class strata.

Her cast mates were currently still chittering away about the atmosphere of the place. “This place is so different from the diners I would usually go to!” a blonde girl with bubble gum lip gloss trilled with excitement, her words echoing thoughts the rest of the cast probably had. Beside Fae, Dorian, a nice-natured girl whom Fae truly considered her new friend picked up the menu and looked at it studiously. “There’s so many selections to choose from,” she commented after a minute of mulling over the exhaustive list. “You’ve been here before, Fae,” she said, flipping the menu over and looking up at Fae, “You should recommend us something. Why are you keeping silent?”

Fae looked at her, searching for any hint of personal discontent or any malice or presumption in her eyes. She found none. Fae pursed her lips, slightly biting on them. “I’ve tried the creme caramel. It’s creamy and sweet. If you like flowers, Dorian, maybe the wild roses tea would be great..?” she suggested tentatively. Dorian shrugged in a carefree manner. “I guess I’ll just go along with your suggestion,” she beamed cheerfully, seemingly pleased. “I’ll go for something fruity,” the blonde girl with the bubblegum lipgloss countered.

Fae looked around at her compatriots sitting with her. Maybe they weren’t the same as her first set of friends. Maybe they won’t hold it against her that she had a different background than most of them, and could appreciate what she did with her, even though they weren’t of the same affluent class themselves.

Looking into her cast mates’ eyes, their light resembled kittens exploring the great outdoors for the first time. It dawned onto Fae that they were merely curious about the places she went to. Amongst all the boys and girls at their table, there was no sign of malignant envy in their eyes. Nor were they secretly boxing her into mental categories with what she could possibly afford as their supporting evidence. That enlightenment gave Fae a sliver of genuine hope.

By now, all had stopped to look up at Fae. She smiled. “I guess we’re ready to order, then?”


So this is posted one day later, as I had my day filled with going to church and being obsessed with the new Sims I had recently created in my Sims 3 game. I made my own Kevin & Melrose characters into Sims, and their dynamics is exactly like what I think would be like, in the story that plays out in my creative mind. It’s a interesting coincidence! 

The Kevin & Melrose Sims often like being alone together, or spending time by talking and playing games rather than making out (according to the wishes that pop out). It is a refreshing dynamic to other Sims couples I have played in 3 years.

So here’s the end of this Fae Raoirse short and brief sharing of The Sims 3! If you’re a Sims game player, have you noticed any interesting dynamics across different households? Feel free to comment below!

By the way, I self-edited Christmas’ Day’s short, The Sharp Dark after realizing I may have unintentionally made Kevin seem gay after I read it myself.

Point in time: My creative mind doesn’t work coherently at 1am.

After some constructive feedback from friends who were willing to review, I have updated the short story! Feel free to check it out! It’s under the category of the self explanatory KevinxMelrose.

Signing off, TTYL! Have a a good day or night wherever in the world you are!


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