Free-write on Christmas: The Sharp Dark

20151225_195641.jpgNote: Aimed for action scenes and ambiguity in this one.

Note: This short story has been edited as of 27/12. 

The dark illuminated the entirety of the enclosed space, making every movement Kevin made invisible. For some reason he felt very much like he was walking on eggshells, no matter how he reassured himself it was just a routine task for him. Never afraid of the dark, Kevin possessed an almost otherworldly sense of ease he noted most people did not naturally possess. To most, the dark brought to reminder characters of the other and underworld in all senses. To Kevin, the dark was his element, a comfortable security for him.

Many things were better done and enjoyed at night, couples in love would definitely agree with him, Kevin knew. Tonight, the moon currently hung up in the sky, brightly shining, no doubt helping said couples with the romantic backdrop.

Kevin wished he could be one of those couples tonight, however his wife had set off to explore a neighbouring city to fill her time after he had told her he’d be busy tonight, so that wish was a moot point. It was a bummer, but a necessary one, Kevin reasoned.

As he treaded silently across the wide sprawling garden grounds keeping close to the lines of trees, he spotted a distinct silhouette racing in between trees on the side of his peripheral vision.

Keeping as low as possible, Kevin immediately gave chase. Whoever was running was no fool, and wasted no time in making a beeline into the woodland beyond the garden grounds. The silent cat and mouse swiftly escalated into something resembling a wild goose chase in the dead of night. The figure raced through the woodland, stumbling over waylaid twigs and branches every now and then. It dawned onto Kevin that the figure was unprepared, simply running in straight lines with no strategy in mind to outwit him. Clearly, this person was a poor amateur.

Hoisting himself up with all his arm strength he could possibly muster in this adrenaline-filled moment, Kevin managed to scale a tree and as stealthily as he could, moved from one branch to the next. Below him, the figure had noticed he was no longer being chased, the sound of rushing grass against feet no longer behind him . He looked around, cautiously perplexed, scanning the wide expanse of tree trunks around him.While the figure was looking out for Kevin in the forested expanse before him, Kevin swung himself off a branch above, tackling him to the ground. Inside, Kevin grinned triumphantly.

The cat had caught the mouse.

The figure was not willing to go down so easy. He tussled with Kevin, trying to throw a jab or punch at Kevin wherever he could. In return, Kevin did his best to dodge. Their movements sent them both rolling on the ground. Kevin just managed to dodge a jab at his neck in the nick of time. Pulling the person’s arms above his head and weighting the legs down with his own, Kevin pulled on the fabric that covered the face, revealing the faint shapes of a sharp, hooked nose, and a five o’clock shadow. Even though the light was a dark velvet, Kevin could clearly see sharp blue eyes, unblinking, defiantly staring at him. No, through him. Kevin did not like that one bit.

The once-masked man spoke, his voice gravel-like. “Child, what’s worse than knowing truth is the absence of it.”

Something invisible of Kevin rose up with those words uttered, filling the veins inside his body with something akin to righteous fury.

Kevin laughed, his voice metallic. Loud, harsh and caustic.“You aren’t the one with the ace up your sleeve.” he whispered so softly, like as though he was talking to a tender newborn.

The man opened his mouth to respond, but Kevin gave the man no chance to.


Merry Christmas everybody! Whether it’s been a chilled out day at home watching TV/ playing computer games or the festivities of going out to socials, I hope Christmas has been a peaceful one for all!

For those who are in a in-between place in your lives, hold on to this truth: All these shall pass! 

Signing off, TTYL. Have a good day or night wherever in the world you are!


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