Free-write 23/12/15: The Cafe’s Oblivion

Note: Again, overdue simply because it’s the Christmas season and there are gatherings to spend the whole day at! 

2 days ago I made another batch of word prompts for the next 10 days, enough to last me til the end of December! Yesterday’s drawn up prompts are pretty interesting.

20151224_001915-1.jpgIf spaces within eating establishments could speak I wonder what tales of humanity they would divulge. That of a rustic, trendy cafe, one of those who have popped up all over the island in recent years, springing up the local cafe culture.

Moments such as these, groups of teenagers griping over the pressure-cooker pressure of the national exams as they while their time away with chocolate cookie frappe as they work on A math and pure sciences, elongating their cafe time with mindless Youtube breaks in between memorizing theories and definitions.

How many propositions has the cafe seen? Business or personal, all have opened doors for individuals in their own way.

How many spouses have been surprised by a surprise celebration in their favourite cafe spot?

Has any glasses of water been utilised for the sole purpose of splashing water in the face of one’s mortal enemy, only for the escalating conflict to be well-intentionally broken apart by emotionally stretched staff?

How many cafe chairs have been vandalised by youngsters on a whim of making their spot (so-and-so was here) and their scrawling graffiti all in plain sight for everyone to see?

How many awkward moments has the cafe witnessed, that of misunderstandings ensued in a slip of tongue or of youngsters’ tentative first dates?

I swear, the cafe lives and breathes the surges and vibes of all that has been lived in. Brick and mortar a cafe it definitely is, but it is not oblivious to our humans’ silent thoughts and musings.


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