Free-write 23/12/15: Polished Potrait of a Youtuber

Note: This free-write is not based on any particular female Youtuber. Observations are based on what I commonly see amongst Youtubers’ videos thus far.

20151224_232355Screaming fans at VidCon. Polished updo, polished nails and skin, cheeks like apples and brows carefully landscaped like topiary.

I wonder how her life is like, unfiltered through her own eyes. She’s young, maybe even single. Brown hair, blue eyes, and a face with features that implied she would probably age very gracefully- going by the rate now where she still looks like a middle-schooler though she’s over 21. Does she spend most of her time creating videos and forgoing truly living life most of the time? How does she feel about paid advertorials? Has she done any, is she as excited about the new organic dead sea mask as she made it out to be in her haul video? What does do if she wakes up with dull skin on the same day she’s due to shoot? Does she fret about about her skin not looking as fresh and dewy she would like it to be? Which Yotubers does she love to hate, yet secretly admire? How does it feel like to be kissing so many different people, in the name of truth or dare collaborations? Does she feel chemically confused by so many different pheremones swapped through the collaborated making out? Does she still fret or worry a little about her mortgage bills and loans to be paid for, despite her millions of suscribers and fanfare?

How at peace is she with her life?


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