Free-write 22/12/15 Hedgehogs for breakfast?!

20151223_005620.jpgHedgehogs AND breakfast are very strange words to pull up for a prompt writing. Like, do I write about an anthromorphized world where hedgehogs live in toadstools and mushrooms, cooking up fried grubs and whatnot for breakfast everyday? Or do I write about people who survive on hedgehogs and other garden creatures for substenance?

It could go both ways, a children’s tale or the tale of the macabre. I’m not too well-versed on the dietary makeup of hedgehogs. But it would be lovely to see one scurry across a nice landscaped garden, minus any cats or dogs trying to pounce and make sport out of it. In the urban area where I am located, the only natural wildlife we get to see are snails trailing their feet goo around the grass after a rainy spell or the occasional neighbourhood cat catching a spread-out, lazy siesta, with one paw shielding its shut eyes on a community bench.

Still, both are pretty good sights to see. Though I don’t think I’ll get to own a cat anytime soon (or have a cat own me) I have had garden snails as pets once when I was about 10 years old.

Out here in this urban cosmopolitan landscape where there’s not much wildlife, a hint of domesticated wildlife makes city people very happy.


It’s the last day of the 5 day challenge!! One TV show I’ve become addicted to is Gotham. Specifically I find myself drawn to wanting to know more of Penguin’s backstory (I missed season 1).

Signing off, TTYL. Have a good day or night wherever you are!


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