Free write: 21/12/15 Garden reflection

20151220_224927-1.jpgIn her mind’s eye she could still see the reflection of the concealed garden, walled in by the red concrete that tapered off the street. She knew nobody would believe of its existence unless they had stumbled through into it. She knew it was an absurd notion, that there would be a warped sense of space and time by Ayvesbury Street. Yet, she had happened upon it and spent what felt like an entire week in there. How could she forget the Easter Egg tree, which bore fruits of Cadbury creme eggs? Or the giant marshmallow bunnies, which hopped around on the lawn? Before this, she would’ve scoffed at the mere theory of alternate universes and black holes in the physics of time. Now that she had witnessed it she could stay a unbeliever no longer.

Perhaps it would be a secret she breathed, lived and would take with her til the end of her life or until her memory discards the outlandish memories, whichever came first. There would be one day that she would question her own memory when she grew up, she was sure of it. She had seen the same thing happen to her older cousin, who once told her stories of himself entering a wintry world filled with talking animals and a tall, pale evil witch with a wand when he got to the very back of an old oak wardrobe. Now that he had grown up enough to leave the house and live on its own, he dismissed her memory as him being imaginative when he was younger whenever she brought the story up.


Alright, here comes Day 4 of 5 day challenge..

4 worst things about me….

1- Easily distracted

2-Moody half of the time

3-Rarely sleeps before 2am

4-Fast talker at times.

So here it is! This month is going by fast. Soon I would have to attend polytechnics’ open houses and see what I can get into that might interest me as a career! It’s vital to at least have a diploma if you wanna get ahead in Singapore. I hope to get involved in the arts somehow. I realise I care very much what gets put out into the world this year, thanks to me going back to writing. Fingers crossed! Deo volente.

Signing off til the next post, TTYL! Have a good day or night wherever you are!


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  1. fariiisthaa says:

    Nice! If you’re interested, you could check out my blog too 🙂 I post stories and poems too


    1. wheremabelgo says:

      Thanks for checking out my short story! Will do! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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