Free-write: 20/12/15 Funky Opera


FB_IMG_1450594947340-1.jpgNote: So I just looked up the definition of the word ‘funky’ and realised its meaning had been watered down into slang meanings through the times. To even out this statistic I’m going to go by the official, non-slang definition.

(of music) having or using a strong dance rhythm, in particular that of funk.
“some excellent funky beats”

Fae Raoirse had no idea what to do. She clutched the skirts of her dress with her daintily manicured hands. She didn’t want to do it, and the notion of doing so seemed silly to her. she was certain she would probably trip over her own feet if she ever had to dance to any fast funky beats in any segment in her town’s Christmas opera.

Thinking it artistic innovation, the school board had linked up their art elective students with the nation’s local opera troupe to work together to perform a set during the Christmas season. This would be counted for credit towards the arts students’ final year module score.This arrangement was something freshly pioneered when the new head took over leadership of the school board, which collectively announced the new partnership and emphasized on broadening horizons and opportunities in the future of the town’s arts during last week’s school assembly.

Fae was initially excited. It was her one chance to get acquainted with the back-end going on of the opera arts she so admired as a paying spectator. At the same time the advantage of staying in the background as an extra, as the students were not involved in any lead roles, which suited her just fine. She had no inclination for the glaring spotlight.

That sudden announcement from the opera troupe that they were adding dance into the Christmas act they were all preparing for, was the spanner thrown into the trembling, rickety wheels of of Fae’s mind. “Expect the unexpected’ was something that her arts faciliator often uttered but surely what was required of Fae was a far-fetched proposition? Fae could think of three or a few girls she knew who were shy about their footwork too.  Could they dodge the bullet somehow?


Day 3 of 5 day challenge:

3 places I want to visit: Italy, Ireland, France. All for their food and culture.

I hope this short wasn’t too boring! I was trying to encapsulate the feeling of nerves in here and the feeling of having to do something one is not confident of. Feedback comments on this short will much be appreciated!

Signing off til the next post, TTYL! Have a good day or night wherever in the world you are! 😀


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