Guest Post: Austin Wiggins on “Why Study Languages?”

Language, learning about other cultures and seeing others and ourselves in a different light.

Weaver's Knot/Inspired by Glenda Bailey-Mershon


Austin Wiggins is a 22-year-old writer from Southern California. He is a newcomer in nonfiction writing who writes about philosophy and psychology.

Links to connect to Austin: https://writingbyender.wordpress.com/ and Twitter @EndersWritings (https://twitter.com/EndersWritings

       In my 22 years, I have had the experience of learning two foreign languages: Turkish and Korean. I didn’t learn these languages because they’re a part of my culture, but instead out of simple curiosity. Through this curiosity, foreign language has exposed me to new ideas and has also changed my perception of the world.

       Language is culture. Through learning a foreign language, you open up the doors to a new culture. Through further study and interaction with that culture you gain a deep understanding of it. For instance, the motives behind the politics of a culture or the individual people. One can become more understanding of and receptive to foreign cultures and…

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