Thinking Out Loud #1

To be honest I’m getting tired of wtiting shorts somehow. Writing the first Fae Raoirse shorts have been wonderful and so have been writing the ones of Kevin & Melrose and people seemed to have liked them, but I wasn’t quite feeling it when I wrote -iridescent cotton candy- this afternoon.

Maybe sticking to one idea for the long term doesn’t do it well for me. Would try to write something other than shorts tommorow.

Maybe I’ll somehow catch a whiff of inspiration from browsing through library books. I happen to be in the library now after watching The Good Dinosaur with a long-time friend.

Went to the Children’s Section to try to find the books I used to read as a  young child, but I didn’t, though I did find a condensed version of The Picture of Dorian Grey. I saw bits of the film once on Youtube this year but I wasn’t that bothered to watch a long film. I’m glad I have the chance to know what the story is about in a shorter form. The idea of a painting getting older while the the person stays as young is interesting.

To sign off this random ramble, here’s a quote from a library book I’m currently browsing:

“Behind every successful woman is a cat and a fridge full of chocolate.” 1450434666715-250155473.jpg(This book is published by Ravette Publishing 2012. Title: A Born To Shop Chocoholic)

Who can live without the goodness of well-made chocolate, really?! The Aztecs definitely recognised its value.

Signing off, TTYL


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