Free-write: 18/12/15 Iridescent cotton candy

20151218_125658-1.jpgThe sensory cacaphony of buttery popcorn, barbecue sauce, hotdog buns and excited chatter and laughter all filled the atmosphere. Fae made her way through the thick crowds, trying to look over people’s heads in a bid to locate her sister.

Fleur had told her to wait for her by the rollercoasters after she was done with her carnival game, but nowhere did Fae spot any sight of her. Where in the world was she? Had she seen a cotton candy truck and gotten distracted by it?

Just as Fae was about to give up, she spotted the familar head of pale blonde hair in the white dress. She waved to her sister. “Come over, Fae!” Excitement rang in Fleur’s voice. A few heads in the crowd turned in response to Fleur’s voice. She was standing by a stall which sold what looked like tubes of looking glasses. Raising an eyebrow, Fae walked over, sighing in relief. “What’s got your attention this time, sis?

Fleur motioned to the looking glasses. “They have these kaleidoscopes for sale here, the kind with iridescent hues we played with as kids!”


Okay readers, as promised, today’s Day 1 of the 5 day challenge!

3 things I wanna say to different people:

To teenagers: People will always tell you to follow your dreams, but sooner or later they’ll be telling you to be practical. There’s a middle line for this. It’s balancing between doing what you love and having money to live off.

To an ex: #thnksforthemmrs Even though it weren’t so great.

To everyone who has followed me so far: THANK YOU! The numbers of follows I’ve gotten is amazing! It’s a far cry from when nobody read my blog in my first month! Honestly when I got my first likes and first follows, I felt like I could die from momentual elation.

Signing off til the next post, and have a good day or night wherever you’re from! TTYL.


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