5 Songs Which Marked My Teen Years

  1. Turn It Up- Paris Hilton

This will surprise people who haven’t known me long in real life. On the cusp of teenagehood, I was definitely dazzled by some of what being a woman offered, namely the makeup and fashion. I entered a brief but intense preppy glam phase for two years. This song by Paris Hilton is the epitome of the phase I was in at the beginning of my teenagehood, a time where I was wearing kitten heels, skirts and sparkly lip gloss on quite a regular basis.

2. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl- Good Charlotte

This was before Joel Madden got married to Nicole Richie and spawned some kids with her. I first watched the music video on MTV when I was 12, and the song was something that I carried into my thirteenth year of existence. Some may have thought the music video may be inappropriate for a twelve year old, but hey, I was dazzled by what the not-kid world had to offer at the time. I liked the guitar sounds and Joel’s rap then.

3. American Idiot- Green Day

It wasn’t long before I realised the fleetingness of makeup and fashion. Being unpopular in school and realising I had vastly different interests than my peers somehow led me to the world of rock music, which has stuck to me til this day. Green Day was the first of many rock music I would end up listening to, and I liked what rock music stood for as a whole. I was drawn to how even political messages can be artfully disguised as a song within Green Day’s music, and I would always study rock music lyrics intently from then on, doing my best to decipher lyrics even if it weren’t about politics. My school, having offered literature as an elective, definitely helped me in my skill of analyzing words. The interest in song lyrics led me to my attempts of songwriting during my secondary school years.

4. Days Are Numbered- Black Veil Brides

I discovered this band at age 17. When I first heard the name, I thought it was a female heavy rock band. The first time I saw their Fallen Angels music video, I didn’t like them; it took a few more listens before I realised how good Andy Biersack sounded. That led to me buying Set The World on Fire at HMV followed by their earlier debut album, then their third when it came out. There are many songs I love of this band, especially Coffin (I love how emotive Andy was in the music video), Knives and Pens and I Am Bulletproof, but I am going to headline Days Are Numbered for its poignancy.

“Everybody wants eternal life, nobody can seem to get it right” This verse is clearly about religious legalism, which I am too aware of. For a self-acclaimed atheist, Andy says some pretty apt things about spirituality sometimes, but then again he was brought up Catholic but got bullied by Catholic kids back in his Catholic school. His experiences and hence, Black Veil Brides’ music struck me in a way, as I definitely had negative experiences with my youth group back then. If one is an outcast, one might as well be together with other outcasts. Hail solidarity!

5. Whatsername- Green Day

In my opinion, one of the most underrated breakup songs ever. Just listen to it!


Note: This post is something that I have kept in my Drafts section for a long time. I kept this post short as a long one might get draggy. I’ll do a part 2 if I remember any more!

If I were still a teen, 5 Seconds of Summer’s She’s Kinda Hot will definitely be my teenage anthem! The boys’ singing of ‘She’s kinda hot though’ to comfort themselves while others (the girlfriend, the neighbour, parents) say things about what they aren’t doing or what they are not ALWAYS resonates to the growing teen’s soul. Here’s a lyric graphic, courtesy of Pinterest 😉



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